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*Note: I’m aware it’s the most popular day to get married, but I DO NOT shoot Saturday weddings. Please plan accordingly.


The Signature Wedding Package - $3000.00

Although, this is the "base," it's packed full of what makes a wedding video unique and special.  This includes:

  • 8 Hours of Coverage

    • This is generally enough time to capture the entirety of your day, but just in case, there's an hour-by-hour add-on below

  • A 6-7 Minute Highlight Film

    • This is what it's all about. A beautiful short film set to music that includes your wedding vows, the preparation, all the little details, your reception, etc. It's all the best parts of and little details from your day that fly by like a blur so you have a priceless memory to look back on for years to come.

  • A Basic Ceremony Video (cut between multiple camera angles)

    • Your ceremony will be captured from start to finish from 3 different camera angles. Once edited, the ceremony video will play through in real-time and cut between the angles. The officiator is professionally mic'd to provide quality audio of the service.

  • Professional Audio for Video Purposes

    • I use a combination of Sennheiser wireless lapel microphones, along with audio recorders to capture your ceremony.

  • A 3-Axis Gimbal for Cinematic-Looking Footage

    • This piece of equipment truly is a game changer and allows me to turn a nice video into a truly cinematic experience. It take the shake out of filming and allows me to get some breathtaking shots on the move.

À La Carte Add-Ons



Where the longer Highlight Film shows off more, it can be pretty awesome to show friends and family a 1 minute trailer of what's to come. Music coupled with a few of the very best shots make for a great extra video. This will be ready within a couple weeks of your wedding date and plays just like a movie trailer.



After every wedding, there's a lot of really great footage that doesn't quite make the cut to appear in your highlight film. This is a chance to see that extra, unused reception footage in its own short video, edited to more music.



If you're prepping a proposal and you're looking for the perfect way to capture that moment, this is the add-on for you. I have multiple cameras that can be set up from a distance to capture the big moment while staying far enough away to not ruin the authenticity. After the proposal, we can spend some time getting some romantic shots in that location with the two of you and piece it all together into a video your wedding guests would love to see at your reception.



Add a bird's-eye view of your wedding day! Whether it's some epic footage of you and your sweetie taking in sweeping views or showing off that beautiful venue you landed, aerial footage brings your video to the next-level. I have years of experience and am legally licensed to fly commercially.



After every wedding, there's a lot of really great footage that doesn't quite make the cut to appear in your highlight film. This is a chance to see that extra, unused prep footage in its own short video, edited to more music.



If you have time the weekend of your wedding or before, let's get out and make a short film about your story as a couple. I like to incorporate interviews with the two of you as the storytellers. This is accompanied by footage of you enjoying some of the things you love to do together. It's a romantic and beautiful way to share your love story. Usually ends up being about 2-3 minutes in length.



Sure, all of these edited pieces of your day are beautiful, convenient, and easy to share, but for those that want to see what every clip looks like without any editing, you can add a hard drive of the raw footage to your package. *If you choose to make edits, credit must be given.



8 hours of coverage is included in the initial package, but for those that are wanting a little more coverage either at the beginning or end of their day, this feature lets you customize what you want ahead of time.



This extra allows you to extend the length of your highlight film by 1-2 minutes. The highlight film is what includes all your best moments in combination with music and vows that bring all those emotions rushing back. Adding an extra minute or two to that video is never a bad idea.



While I often shoot weddings with my beautiful wife or get an assistant to help carry the gear around, you have the option to add another professional cinematographer. This means more awesome footage and opens extra time up for drone and detail shots and who doesn't want more of that?



Every wedding I shoot is filmed in 1080p HD, but for those looking for superior image quality, this is the upgrade for you. 4K is twice as sharp and clear as HD footage and makes every detail of the day sparkle.



For those looking for a special memento to store your video files on, look no further. This option will have your content delivered on a walnut wood, custom engraved thumbdrive with your names and wedding date on it.